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Examples of Polyaspartic Garage Floors

Slide-Lok Saddletan Full Flake Garage Floor & Step Treads.   We did this 2 car garage floor on Wyndam Court in Bloomington.  The customer stopped and saw us working on the metallic gray project below and asked us to come give him an estimate when we took a break.  No before pictures unfortunately.  The floor had some stains and had a little bit of damage.  Nothing major.  You can see the 2 drains in the middle of the floor so everything sloped down to those.  We coated the block foundation walls under the drywall, the step treads going into the house, and the front ledge at the garage door opening.  Normally, we would stop at the elevated lip behind the garage door, but this area was damaged and the customer asked us to fix the damage and coat it all, which we did.  We even fixed of spot of previous drywall damage on the wall.  This was a good project and we appreciated the opportunity.    
Saddletan Garage Floor
saddletan garage floor
garage floor steps
Slide-Lok Saddletan Full Flake Garage Floor & Full Step & Shelf Coverage.   Chris asked us to do his steps.  At first, I was a little reluctant because they had recently been coated with a thick outdoor paint of some sort and I knew it would be hard to get off.  We ground off the existing coating and then used a belt sander to clean up the wood steps.  We don't often carry a belt sander on the truck, but we knew about this one beforehand.  They use the shelves on the right side to store their shoes right before going into the house.  We don't often like to do the risers on steps because we feel like the difference in color between the risers and the treads help to visualize where the steps are so they don't all just blend in together, but after talking about our concerns, Chris still wanted the whole thing coated so we obliged. 
garage floor epoxy
epoxy coated steps
Slide-Lok Metallic Gray Polyaspartic Smooth Garage Floor.   This garage floor was done on South Atlee Street in Bloomington.  The customer had the garage at their previous house coated with the Slide-Lok base color solid gray.  When they were ready to move to a new home, they called us back.  We love repeat customers.  After closing, we went in and coated the entire garage.  No before pictures.  Overall, it was it pretty good shape to start with.  They just wanted it smooth and easy to clean.  You can see the color or shading variation going across the floor.   
Metallic Polyaspartic Garage Floor
Metallic Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coatings
Failed DIY Garage Floor Coating.   Darrell saw me doing another garage while out walking his dog.  He had a quote from one of our competitors at over $5,000 for a one car garage.  That was outrageous.  He had one of those Rustoleum DIY garage floor epoxy kits on it that was coming off, mostly where the tires sit from the car.  This is a condition described as "hot tire pick up" caused by hot tires in the summer pulling the epoxy up off the floor.   Polyaspartic and Polyurea do not suffer from this issue.   We ground off the existing coating and applied Slide-Lok polyaspartic and Tuxedo flake all across the floor and on the concrete blocks around the perimeter for a much improved look and a happy customer. 
Failed garage floor epoxy
BEFORE:  Failed Epoxy Floor, Bare & Rough Concrete Block
garage floor coatings near Bloomington IN
AFTER:  Polyaspartic Coating on Floor and Perimeter Block 
Light Flake Garage Floor Coating.   Not everyone likes full flake floors.   We know they hide a lot of imperfections so when we do a lot of repairs, we recommend full flake.  But, we also like to make customers happy by doing what they want.  
Epoxy Floor Coatings
Epoxy Garage Floor
Concrete Crack Repair
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