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Garage Floors

Most of our Garage Floor information is on the Home Page.  We keep product in inventory so we can get the best price on it and react to short schedules for your project.  We often install floor coatings the day you close, or the day after, on your new home.  This way, we can complete everything before you actually move in, making it easier on you.  But don't worry if you have.  It's easy enough to put everything in storage long enough for us to make your garage floor absolutely beautiful.  

We keep the below color vinyl flake in stock.   Other custom colors can be acquired if you desire something special.   Partial flake applications or metallic floors could also be enhanced with additional glitter.  Anti-slip additives can be added to both polyaspartic and epoxy.   

Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coatings

Polyaspartic is our choice of floor coatings for several reasons:

   - Harder & more Scratch Resistant
     than epoxy
   - UV Stable so it will never yellow
   - 30% more elastic than epoxy, 
     less likely to crack over time
   - Excellent self-primer characteristics
     for superior adhesion
   - Dries faster, which reduces
     labor costs
   - Longer lasting, which supports
     Slide-Lok's 15 year warranty
Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Epoxy is a common material term used for concrete floor coatings.  Epoxy has probably been used the longest, but it is susceptible to yellowing and scratching.  As new materials were developed, we've transitioned over to them.  We still use epoxy when slab moisture is not a concern, a high build is needed, or when multiple colors are used in a metallic floor.   Epoxy dries the slowest of all floor coatings, which lends itself to nice color movement in multi-color floors.  It can also be applied at 10-20 mils thickness and is self-leveling, so a rough surface can be leveled by using a thicker coat of epoxy.   We can fill in spalling, chips and pitting with other faster-drying materials on polyaspartic floors.   Notice on epoxy, the top can be smooth, but it is subject to yellowing in UV (sunlight) light. Often epoxy is used as a base coat, but polyaspartic or an industrial urethane is used as a top coat for durability.   This was a home-based office.   It was flooded and still had significant slab moisture so we had to use a high end, fairly expensive primer.  
Tan Epoxy Garage Floor

Garage Cabinets

Slide-Lok Garage Cabinets are the best in industry.   The sides and face frame are all made of plywood for durability -- No particle board.  The design uses all dovetail joinery which is the basis of the company logo (see the dovetail in the black and yellow portions of the logo).  The assembly is bulletproof the way they all slide together and lock in place.   The hinges are 6-way adjustable concealed, or hidden, hinges.  Everything is pre-drilled.   We tend to assemble them in our shop and glue everything together -- this makes for a very strong cabinet and speeds our assembly time on-site.   They come in a Natural Maple Finish or the Tech Series in black and silver.  
Wood Garage Cabinets
Slide-Lok Natural Maple Garage Cabinets
Slide-Lok Tech Series
Slide-Lok Tech Series Black & Silver Garage Cabinets
All of the Slide-Lok cabinets are all modular and easily stack to create a system to fit your garage space.   For example, the natural maple cabinets above fit perfectly in an 11 foot space by using 4 pantries that are 2 feet wide each and a 3 foot cabinet above the refrigerator.   The 24x24 stackable cabinets are put on top of the pantries to get a full 8 foot height installed.  

The base cabinets have adjustable legs on the front, which we used in this installation to match the height of the refrigerator.  On the Tech Series installation, we adjusted for a sloping floor and still line up to the 8 foot ceiling height. 

All cabinets are mounted to the wall for firm stability and support. 

Call us to get your Free Design Consultation and Quote. 
Slide-Lok Cabinet Sizes
Garage Cabinets
Tech Silver

Garage Storage Solutions

Slide-Lok provides both overhead storage racks and slat-wall tool storage systems.  

The Overhead Storage Racks are either 4 foot x 4 foot or 4 foot x 8 foot.  They are all steel construction in white.  They can be mounted from 24" to 44" down from the ceiling and can be mounted strictly to the ceiling or the front can be mounted to the ceiling and the back mounted to the wall.   Each rack is rated to hold up to 500 lbs.   Want more space?  These are modular and can be bolted together in order to create a longer rack.   You can buy them from us and install yourself, but like most of our items, we are most happy to install them for you.  They come with a Lifetime Warranty.  

The Slat-wall Storage System is made of heavy duty PVC to withstand higher moisture and humidity often found in garages.  Plus they are designed to take more weight from hanging heavy tools on them.  They are available in an attractive natural maple wood grain that matches are maple cabinets and in a gray color to match our Tech Series cabinets.  Each piece is 12" tall and 8 feet long and can be stacked or cut to size.  We have trim pieces to match to provide that professionally installed look.  
Muscle Racks