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This is a friend of mine, Tim, who had his own general contracting company, but he knows we are the go-to guys for garage floor coatings.  He's even helped on a few jobs.  We give it all we have to make sure you're happy with our service and your finished space.   That is our commitment to you.  

We offer Free Estimates and Free Consultations for your concrete coating issues.  If you have cracks, spalling, pitting, chips, or just overall rough concrete, we can help.  We fill it all it, grind it all back off to get a smooth surface and then we coat the whole space.  

We can advise, even help, people empty all the contents of their garage as needed, but a majority of our clients schedule us after they buy a new house, but before they move in.  We'll help both the long-term resident and the brand new homeowner.  

Thank you, 
Scott Lands 

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