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Dining Savings Card

We just want to show our appreciation to you.  Many of us remember the entertainment coupon books.  They've gone digital.  

Fill out the form below and get a $100 Dining Savings Card for discounts and BOGO offers.  There is a $7.95 activation fee charged by the company, nothing goes to us.  We are doing it strictly as a way to benefit you.  
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This card is valid nationwide with many BOGO offers.   In Bloomington, there are a few dining options like 25% off at Swing-In Pizza and BOGO at White Castle.   In addition to dining, you can get $10 off at Meineke or Jiffy Lube.   In other cities, outside of Bloomington, like Indianapolis, there are BOGO offers for golf and bowling and dining, of course. 

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